Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Out-of-Towners

portsmouth harbour with tide coming inI was just settling down for a Sunday of TV when the Berties arrived. This Euro-crossover family (German and French) met at university with Bud and Jof and I haven't seen them for about 4 years. Their 2 daughters are older than me and don't really like Lego but they do like beating up their Dad, so we have that in common.
bowlingo clarence pier portsmouth arcadesSo once I'd given them the tour of the house we did the normal things that you do with out-of-towners which is throw stones into the sea and wander around the seafront, chewing over memories of times past when things were different.
They also like the arcades at Clarence pier so we all wasted lots of coins in the flashing lights game and I played skittles which were funny because they're on little ropes and one always falls over or gets stuck and the scoreboard doesn't work properly but we laughed anyway and played air hockey.
lego movie metalbeard the pirate and micromanager with frank the foreman robo swat skeletronWe had a big lunch on Spice Island and I played Pirate Golf and Jof met us down there and at home I put on True Lies again and they talked all the way through it so I kept turning it up.
Jof brought me Lego Movie "MetalBeards' Duel" which is the amusingly built pirate from the film fighting a micromanager which is like a microwave on little legs. She has been away looking after Nanna again and was pleased to get a proper hug.
MetalBeard is effectively a Lego Cyborg reconstructed from parts of his ship following the loss of his original body. He has real shooting cannons and a parrot, treasure chest, anchor, guns and 1 leg made from barrels of rum. A Robo Swat fits inside the Micromanager and poor little Skeletron is designed to come apart when struck by a cannonball.

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