Monday, 28 April 2014

You're never alone with a Gnome

fire truck funny fail ramps won't stop a trainThe fun is beginning. Jof cycled to work for the first time and didn't get lost so a bonus there.
Most of my school day was normal apart from where we all got on a bus and went to the Tennis Academy where we played 3-D printing on the folding chairs (yes) and a bit of tennis as well. We got back just in time to be released into the wild and queued up at the water fountains in the playground.
We have booked a chimney sweep! Jof says he has to sing and dance in an atrocious accent but there is a thing on his website where it says that'll cost extra.
I am filling every spare minute with Minecraftery. Now I have a book on the subject, I have built a few castles etc but my most recent creation is a lengthy bridge with a fortress half way along.
minecraft bridge over water with fort and treesBecause I had contrived to take my homework to school unfinished, I couldn't do maths so did 20 minutes in the park. We'd arrived just as 30 older kids had gone so it was quite empty and I met Leyton and Owen and Avram and we had a wood-chip throwing competition and then it all got too much as Avram is something of an overweight bully, compensating by throwing his ample weight around. He beat me up and I had to be rescued. Bud pretended to be big and frightening and we left forthwith.
Ben and I played Minecraft and in Cubs we played Blind Man's Buff (not in the buff) and I won. There was another blindfolded game where you had to identify people by fingers alone, also not in the buff, close call there. We are working for the World Challenge badge and have to pick something we like about charity shops, not just the ready availability of Arnold Schwarzenegger DVDs.

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