Thursday, 17 April 2014

You can never have enough Pelicans

boston massachusetts misspelled shirt msaeachubaets engrish product failMy swimming lesson was cancelled this week due to the arbitrarily defined death of fictional character 'jesus'. But they gave me a voucher for a free swim anywhere else, great idea, we thought.
But the chosen pool was not open today so I elected to revisit Havant Leisure Centre, the scene of my recent victorious 7th birthday party, 2 months after I turned 8. (don't ask)
It was distinctly cheaper and clean and nice and Jof now favours it over the Pyramids, although it's smaller. They have a functioning diving board and I asked the nice lifeguard if I could go on it, he said let's have a swim-test then, see if you'll survive the rigours of extra fun without dying totally. I trod water in a corner for a minute and did a 25 metre length, which was sufficient for his demanding purposes. It was somewhat tiring but it proved I'm competent.
Then I jumped off the board and I saw that it was good. It was very good. So I went round and round for an hour doing jumps and bombs and sillies and the odd actual dive, learning from the ambitious yet talented local 12 year-olds. Jof got quite bored and she eventually forced me to leave so we could have our picnic in the car in the car park, just like those old people on the seafront but without the sea, or the age, or the falling asleep with your mouth open.
lego kit 70801 melting room from the lego movie laser tortureThis warranted even more Lego, apparently (one can never have enough), so in addition to my recent surprise acquisition 'Lego Movie Melting Room 70801', I got 'Lego Movie Bad Cop's Pursuit 70802'. Of course, as Ben points out in his blog, anyone taking pictures in a swimming pool environment (of a boy in mid-air over a diving board, perhaps) must be a paedo-nasty.
So you will have to make do with images of a strapped-down victim undergoing Abwehr authoritarian laser-torture and one of Gestapo Police brutality, as is the way nowadays.
lego alligators emmett badcop chaseLego BadCop's Pursuit has, get this, 2 Police Alligators with woo-woo lights, and BadCop's flying DeLorean has twin lift-up flaps with concealed weaponry. The dangly green quadropus (octopus with only 4 legs) on the broken bridge is seaweed, Fucus me, I wouldn't have known that.
Insufficient Pelicans? No idea. Found a bit of paper with this cryptic message written on it, so it must have been important at some point.
Later, Jof and I watched MasterChef. I actually really like it, even though the food itself is far too complicated for my junior palate, perhaps I just like seeing a knowledgeable, competent and yet oddly familiar bald man in opinionated action.

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