Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hot Bananas on Toast

conker seed growing in plant potnew technology google glass hardware release funny reaction to early adopters bluetooth Google Glass will be released imminently -look out for those new users with the Terminator sunglasses and the confused stare!
So for breakfast we agreed on hot bananas on toast, although that's not quite what I ended up with.
My first conkers are sprouting in the plant pots in the yard. They are reminiscent of Ripleys' aliens in that they unfold from within when re-animating from their hibernation state. As I planted approx. 35 of these seeds, I expect the current showing of 2 to improve.
big kid helps little ones play in parkWe did the Bottlebank Walk (like doing the Lambeth Walk but less musical) and met nobody I knew at all in the park. It was packed with little people in the 2-5 range which meant I was superlative and over-arching and Uber-Kapitan etc so I helped rotate some of them on the turning wheel and generally waltzed around although I didn't have my Terminator sunglasses. There is a new shop by Elizabeths' sweet shop which is a "Head Shop". They sell skulls and rolling papers and glass jars where you can burn special herbs for their aromatic content and I bought a bath fizzer, though the corpulent shopkeeper didn't particularly get off her big butt to help me.
canoe lake southsea splashpark play areaFollowing 1st Lunch Bud went off in search of Vitamin Beer with the PuddleDaddies while I went to Canoe Lake to meet up with the orphaned Puddle-children to get Vitamin D and exercise. Johnny was absent because he was at QE park playing Laser Attack and he had to buy a dog lead in the park shop because his new camouflage trousers were too big and he needed a belt.
Bobert and Ben and I chased and attacked as you do and later we came back to mine for Lego.
Once they'd gone, I was hungry and then stupid-head got back and I had my Bath Fizzer Night with added gold-spangly bath salts from the charity shop. I quite like the Masters Golf tournament because it is a relaxing view and we all agree that the job of Head Gardener should have gone to Bud. I had my Bath Fizzer Night and hit the sack at 11pm having broken his glasses again. I now play Mein Kraft regularly.

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