Friday, 25 April 2014

Methinks it is like a Weasel

religious maniacs praying to god before eating dinner give thanksWell, thanks. It totally rained all day, must have known it was swimming day.
I was full of complicated negotiation about playing Minecraft, if I do my guitar practice and my homework and swimming lesson and I've got half an hour saved up from yesterday so it'd be better if I went on the tablet first and then if I've done my homework I can go on it again ... O the tangled verbal webs we weave, when we're trying to get what we want.
Homework was laughable. You have to play Blankety-Blank, effectively, but without help from any of Michael Jackson's children. Fill in the missing pronoun from the meagre selection below, it says: here we go.
When the boys went to the park, they found a coin. ___ was glistening in the grass.
Archie walked through the woods, unaware ___ was being followed.
I want ___ to listen carefully, said the Teacher.
childrens book section at whsmiths stationersPersonally I thought you could only get this wrong if you were a turnip, but Bud says there must be people out there who are less capable, or they wouldn't have posed the question. Plus they would be called a 'Dinlo' in the local dialect.
We are going to see Grandad tomorrow because he has something for me, apparently (a punch in the twizzlers before I get taller than him, probably) so today we bought him some maps of his local area to show willing, because he likes country walks and we don't want him to get lost in a field of long grass.
foamy fountain washing up liquid portsmouth commercial road In WHSmith, I tried to sneak a Minecraft book into the shopping basket but he said Ho No you don't, I'm not buying that pants for you, get a Horrid Henry, so I did. I like their shelves. If I read all that lot, just think how many house reading points I could get at school!
Some local wags (gosh darn it, aren't they such cards) had done some high jinks and poured Tesco El-Cheapo washing up liquid in the fountain for a jape. It's quite funny and foamy and frothy but you've got to feel sorry for the poor council chap who's got to clean it out again, and the doggies that can't get a drink without coming away with a comic Santa Claus beard.

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