Friday, 31 January 2014

Check, Matey

spurting cock and balls in fireworks funnySo we thought: what are we going to do tomorrow? Euro-Totty Kate-Lynn said she was going to Butlin's for half-term: this gave us an idea. The Butlins in Bognor Regis has a back door by the seafront where you can buy "Day Passes" and use the facilities without actually staying there, we found this a couple of years ago when we had a week there. This means getting into their waterworld splashparkzone thingy, and now I'm 2 years older and a competent swimmer so I could go on the big waterslides, and come home on the train. We checked, they don't do day passes for another couple of weeks.
Tell you what, we said, let's do Brighton. Compact, cosmopolitan, Bohemian and brash, there'd be a high probability of finding Lego in charity shops, food of all nations, and lots of swingparks and silly golf on the extended seaside and pier, good only if the weather is clement. We checked: freezing gales and torrential downpours are predicted for tomorrow.
genuine omani frankincense no.1 tub tourist muscat lego tower and bridgeSo we decided on a similar format to last week, cinema, travel and aimless wandering.
In school I was Maths Star of the Week again and got a football party invite from Harry, on the same day as my swimming party. Lucky it's in the right order so I can get muddy on the pitch and clean in the pool.
The journey home from school was horrible because of the driving rain. I couldn't keep up with him and my foot slipped off the scooter and I took my second tumble of the day (Ben slide-tackled me into a heap) and because of my freezing fingers I whimpered all the way home.
But then we checked in the loft to find the old Eiffel Tower for my French day. As a bonus we also found a Moroccan Berber sword (you can never have too many swords) and a tub of genuine Omani frankincense. This would have come in handy last month at the Jesus play, I might have been Gold Wise King with a rodding great necklace of real gold but at least I could have lent a further air of authentic realism to the proceedings with my plastic tub labelled "Frankincese". And we found an old reproduction wine advert in metal, with Soviet-style joyous worker, done out like a postcard. I shall place it in the garage afterwards for the adults to appreciate. Jof brought 4 non-functional obsolete keyboards home, which in any other household might seem strange, it certainly made the bus journey more interesting.

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