Sunday, 26 January 2014

Menagerie! Mungleton Fecit

Sundays are meant for relaxation and after the day I had yesterday, I was determined to follow through, er. It was a day of making things. A bit more on the Lego Castle and then Jof and I played Nanna's Fishing Game.
She invented it as a way to give me pocket money and teach me market trading without me noticing. 2 rods are strung with golden threads and a Blu-Tack hook for each grabs bits of paper of various values from the 'pond', then you add up the scores. I won 2-1.
Then we got a coffin-lid from the loft and used it to make a menagerie or global diorama, using my surprisingly comprehensive collection of small animals. I am not talking hookworms and lice here, but little plastic ones culled from charity shops. I have 2 pangolins (who needs 2?), 12 poisonous tree frogs and occupants of various ecosystems and habitats from open ocean to desert, freshwater lakes to veldt and glaciers.
home made school project in cardboard box lid
We used cotton wool and pipe cleaners, cardboard and sugar, and half the day. Watch this space for "Project Earthrise", for which we have destroyed a dozen scrapped computer keyboards.

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