Friday, 10 January 2014

If you want Something doing ...

japanese schoolgirl cheerleader type in trainers 99% of worlds weird shitBen was laughing about sex today and dressed up his banana and gave it a silly voice. I still don't see what they're on about. It's amazing what you can Google on a tablet.
After school we delivered DVDs of Muddy Puddles II to my friends. These are clip compilations of the last 2 year's worth of our antics, only 20 minute's worth, you think that there'd have been more.
When we got home, Jof was still in bed. Must be something to do with all that vomiting last night, poor girl. I crawled into her room and under the bed like a soldier under the barbed wire.
In the changing rooms after swimming, Leo's dad couldn't believe I called Bud "Buttface". I said you should hear us on a Saturday night... although that's not the case now he's doing the Driathlon (Dry January).
For weeks Jof has been dithering, vacillating and shilly-shallying. So this evening I chose where we're going on holiday this summer. The hotel in Majawca (where the water doesn't taste quite how it should) has many pools, a cove, some caves, sundry kids' clubs and watery activities for the young. However it has been made clear to me that the certain type of holidaymaker who travels to faraway shores and yet eats McDougalls and sausages is not to be emulated. It will be a palette for my palate, a medley for my mouth. Although there'll probably be pizza.

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