Monday, 13 January 2014

Transmogrification Sequence Initiated

cut my life into pizzas this is my plastic fork funny pizza hut signChange of plan! All of my activities are back online and are being supplemented, upgraded, levelled up and enhanced!
Poor old Ben had a bad time at second play (football) with people being unkind and kicking the ball at him when he was goalie. When I was goalie I got kicked right in the goalmouth and my penis got squashed against someone's leg. You must suffer for your art, even if it isn't always the beautiful game.
Got home in the dark and soon found out why - a giant rainstorm. But at least it let us get home first. Had to have Supper 1 at half-past 4, because tonight's Beaver Scout session is a strange one.
Arrived as usual and played Beavering. Then Ben and I were invited to cross the River Of Destiny to the other side which is Cubs.
milton portsmouth st james scout groupIn the emotional ceremony, 2 senior Cubs leapt the Beaverbrook and jumped us back over. In mid-air I suppose, we became honorary Cubs and will gain full Cub-hood in a couple of weeks when we get invested, which is when you are put in a bank.
Then we played Thunder and Lightning in which 2 lightning finders prowl the area in the dark and clap so the hiders can hear them coming. Some wag switches the lights on and off and you have to play hide'n'seek under these challenging conditions. Also "Back-Tag" or similar in which the "It" person has to throw a beanbag into a victim's spine to transfer their innate "It-ness". We've got all sorts of things to learn now - flag-lowering, new oaths, complex rituals, the lot. Straight away there was talk of a possible camping trip - and everyone put their hands up to go. I scooted home at top speed in the freezing pouring rain and was crying by the time Jof enveloped my poor wet body in her blanket of welcoming. Then my tooth fell out. All change, Waterloo Station...
I am realistic about Tooth Fairies so the tooth is drying on a £1 coin on the radiator. Once it's dry, I get the coin. Saves all that nocturnal mucking about.

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