Wednesday, 29 January 2014

There's no i in Teamwork (unless you're French)

giant door and hinges of bank vault circular doorI played the role of traitor today. Ben and TJ and Harry were in the boys' toilets planning a campaign against the girls. I overheard, and secretly swapped sides and fed the intel to the girls, who avoided the pincer movement and escaped. I then asked loudly how on earth they got out of it. The 3 boys got detention for chasing girls, and I wonder how long I can be a double agent.
I have not been chosen for the school gymnastics competition, even though I'm badge 4. This blatant snub is a first for me, so tomorrow I'll take in my previous medals and ask pointedly why I've been excluded.
separating foreign and domestic coins tokens medalsHolly phoned me twice. This is because I invited her to my swim-party so she has my number: is this the start of those interminable yet content-free teenage phone calls?
When we were ready to continue building the keyboard picture, I elected to go and sort my coin collection instead. The work is being done in my name, I could get used to this kind of teamwork. I have about 700 unique coins from about 100 countries.
We are all eating lots of fruit after Jof's slimming victory yesterday. You can't argue with fruit but there may be bottie issues.

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