Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bereft of life, it rests in peace

ceremonial military dress parade funny fail guard of honour Now that Grandad is no longer chained to Grandma's wheelchair, he is free once more and has booked himself a holiday in the sun.
I was due to have my birthday party at the giant swimming pool with the inflatable bouncy castle, provided they could mend the puncture. But the leisure centre told me today that the Inflatable Engineer (I wonder where you blow him up?) has assessed it and performed the last rites upon the collapsed castle. It cannot be fixed - there is no bicycle repair kit big enough, a deflating feeling no doubt. I hunt for an alternative.
boys pretending to compare williesI soon forgot this at going-home time. Today we have a Ben for childcare purposes so we scooted to mine where we swapped even more Match Attax! cards.
red metal park bench for childrenIn order to access the park we had
to level-up clothingwise and while changing played the usual Willy Wonka game, which comes with its own song and special hand movements worthy of a modern-day gangsta rapper.
This picture is a RECREATION as the original performance is not good for, er, global dissemination.
So we got to the park which was somewhat squelchy and we couldn't play football for risk of drowning in mud. Johnny and Bob arrived but Johnny was ill so they went home and we inherited a Bob.
park in winterThis is never a bad thing and we did Prison Guard Breakout on Scooters which is not a bit like Hitler on Ice and we had 2 picnics and swapped scooters lots because there were 4 scooters and 3 boys. We were the last in the park as usual and did at least 10 circuits each.
Eventually we all scooted to Bob's place in a perfect pavement procession to deliver him unto his maker and rushed home for Lego, strange rituals, book-arranging and supper. Chips sound good until you actually have to eat them so I expect Ben will require Supper II at home. We made Lego flick-knives.

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