Thursday, 23 January 2014

Arnhem Maybe Desktop Icon II

wood fired cremation savour every bite funny sign position failGrandad has returned to the country from holiday in Gran Canaria. He flew nearly 1800 miles to just off the Western Sahara to get away (now that he is no longer chained to a wheelchair) and the weather was rubbish. He has bought me a gift and apparently had over 60 kilos of excess baggage! In the end he had to leave her behind ...
My clock radio woke me up at 0730 as planned. It wasn't the buzzer but Classic FM, a smoother start to the day.
I loved school and took my own football in. The teacher said could I leave the others to play with it and come back inside for 30 minutes' extra maths, I leapt at the chance for I love it.
milton park portsmouth orange swingsIn French we are learning about Marseilles and we had to make a restaurant menu for a putative outlet and my main course was Fish and Jam Pie, specialité de la maison popular in Languedoc.
I dressed warmly for the park and built a wood-chip bridge with Bob and when Ben joined us we played Army Mayhem Destructicon II in which the enemy had many troops that shot us full of holes and we operated the Water Blast Bomb and destroyed their bases and we all fell down and rescued each other. It doesn't matter to us that independent observers cannot make head nor tail of the changing allegiances and enmities, but it did make diplomacy more challenging when Ben called me a traitor.

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