Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Devil made me do it the first time

temporary traffic control woman standing waiting on pavement sidewalk you wonder what's going through her mindAll day I was super-excited as I was due to take Pops home as her mum was doing something else. Imagine my joy when there were 2 scooters waiting for us after school! But this turned a bit sour when Popsmum turned up as well, having got off early. All 3 of us looked at her in a pointedly disappointed way and we got Pops booked in for next week instead (guilt trip).
I am trying to confirm my list of party-goers and as Jessica cried off, I lay in wait for my old black book favourite Kate-Lynn. She is half-French but doesn't hardly ribbit at all. Success there which will keep the female numbers up and give Erin an ally (not her mother Ally), and we ran off to Thursday Park.
I played with a random Year 6 kid for a bit but then we were looking after Bob again as Johnny is currently working through some issues and when Ben got in we tried to play football but the waterlogged ground did not lend itself to games of any sort (the whole place smells of fungal decay having been underwater for a month), so we played Army Base Attack and ate all Bob's Starburst sweeties and most of my crispy or chocolatey army rations and we were just organising a scooter-fest when it all went a bit wrong.
winter clothes at dusk sharing out starburst sweetsI'd said something silly at school and they called me on it. I could not think of how to back-track and got stuck in a HAL-9000 recursive feedback loop and they took the mick and I tried to hide by closing the face-hole on my Ninja Balaclava but that made them laugh more and Bob has an unusual take on reality and Ben wouldn't let it go and we ended up leaving early and shouting at each other over the fence.
As far as I'm concerned I hate everything and don't want anyone ever again but as Bud points out, that's going to be challenging. It's difficult to practise guitar when you're hiding under the bed with the lights off. I do not believe their solemn vow that all will be forgotten, like the last time I went off on one.
Sure enough, by bedtime I had torn off the top sheet of the lined pad ("I hate Ben and Bob") and replaced it with a seating plan for my party food bit in which Ben is sitting at my right hand, opposite Bob.

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