Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Armoury of Damocles

el arroyo texan breakfast tacos funny signYou know that dreadful feeling you get when something is very wrong but your subconscious is hiding the terrible truth from you? It's like I've done something really bad and I'm about to be found out, or they've found out already and I'm walking the green mile, awaiting my just desserts and inevitable punishment. Like the sword of Damocles, but the entire infantry division.
Anyway, we entered a recycling competition (yes) with the local council and have won a £75 voucher for use in one of many local emporia. I wonder what I'll get, Lego, maybe Lego, and if I'm lucky, Lego!
Anyway, some actors came to our school and did Dick Whittington at us today. There was a Dick, his wife, mother-in-law, Pirate Captain and cat. The Captain swapped over the love-necklace and the cat sang "Like a wrecking ball" to get it back. The chorus line sang many Wrong Direction songs and have threatened to come back tomorrow and sing the entire No Direction back catalogue, something to look forward to there.
I scooted home. I ate quiche, and scooted right back again. My first guitar lesson was at a fairly unhelpful time, but one must suffer for one's art. As shift #1 left and shift #2 entered, there were 5 Cub Scouts in the foyer. Our sing-song round the camp-fire is going to be REALLY musical. Cub Finlay is in my group and he already has a big guitar strapped to his back, for he has been strumming awhile.
black balaclava kids size ninja mask mit neukunden-geschenk I have been given homework, which is remembering the string notes with this mnemonic: Elephants And Dogs Grow Big Ears, I'm virtually a virtuoso!
The teacher said I have a real talent and I have to get my own guitar before the next lesson. Erin wanted her own instrument but as she is learning drums, I can see why she hasn't got one yet.
When I'd scooted home again for even more food, the post had arrived with Germanic efficiency. My Ninja mask (cyclist's balaclava) has arrived and I tried it on and wore it all the way to gymnastics and all the way back again, which was not strictly necessary. I will become the Mysterious Masked Man tomorrow, and will be the Fortunately Warm Man if it ever snows. We also got a Neukunden-geschenk (freebie for new customer) of a superior gymbag in efficient black.
After supper Jof abandoned us for the Help You To Get Thinner group. Bud says they strap you to a chair, show you pictures of cake and electric shock you. I believe you sit in front of a conveyor belt with various foodstuffs on it, if you reach out for the cake, you get squirted in the face with a water pistol, if you DON'T reach out for the broccoli, you get squirted.
Lastly, we inherited a campaign map of the second world war from good old Blind Uncle Len. Made in 1944, it shows all sorts of facts and battles including "Japs attack", "Yanks invade" and some dubious place name spellings. When the framing shop re-opens, it'll go on the wall.
events since munich agreement coloured world map of second world war campaigns and battles

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