Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hot Cross Buns

funny tv news headline fail domestic violenceToday it rained a bit, which made a change. To protect my guitar, we actually drove to school and we had to hop over big puddles in the playground that blocked the route to the music block.
I am still practising 'hot cross buns' which is a simple melody for pickers'n'grinners beginners. I believe this may be a politically correct replacement for "3 Blind Mice" to avoid insulting our partially sighted brethren, in the same way as we all remember "Baa Baa Green Sheep" when insulting black sheep was unpopular. This is why Def Leppard has been removed from the shelves.
My teacher says if I do well I can move on to 'Are you going to Scarborough fair', although I'm not because it's too far up the grim north.
Tuesdays seem to be the day of unusualness nowadays. I wasn't on TV today but after Gymnastics (£2.70 for an achievement badge??) Jof prepared our supper and then abandoned us to get weighed and measured in the balance.
ivory coloured keyboards moonscape for home made artworkAs she has now lost half a stone in 2 weeks, she was Slimmer of the Week and won the fruit hamper so we now have to open a market stall just to break even. I may be Fatter of the Week, having discovered Oreos. While I was eating the Oreos, a carpenter came round to quote for tarting up our doorways, as you do. I had to shower and put myself to bed, and I'm a big old bossy-boots I can tell you.
Into the bargain (and in no particular order), we sorted out the keyboards for the Earthrise Project (does not involve secret visas for Nazi scientists) and determined that we needed 2 more ivory boards for the moon section. Jof independently brought 2 home from work, even though she had a day off. It was triumphant, dude. I unscrewed them and stripped out the keys myself.

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