Sunday, 19 January 2014

At Sixes and Fours

lego ship and castleWent to wake Jof up and she said "Urrgh" so left her to it and continued building the D30 Type 45 Destroyer.
Not all parts were present so we had to use replacement parts from my existing collection and there were a few interesting leftovers, such are the chances you take with charity shop purchases. Eventually I settled on a finished format and very impressive it is too. The hull comes in about 8 sections so it's not one I can use in the bath.
In order to help Jof's diet I stole some of her breakfast and I was finally persuaded to leave the house (it was a lovely day) for football practice in the tennis courts. I met Poppy and Holly, they'd been cycling at the seafront, perhaps I should have done the same. But Jof's leg didn't last too long and that was the excuse I needed for TV.
tennis facilities in park by milton bowls clubLater we did even more Lego. The castle is coming on well and the King now has a decent Royal Navy and a considerable Air Force if you only want rescue helicopters. I made a prison. For a while there I supplied six-nobbers and four-nob thins for the newest tower, it has a jumbo jet wing built into it, so it isn't the East Wing, it's the Wing Wing.
Later, a car alarm went off between 0300 and 0315, which makes you appreciate sleep more.
Bud's old school (The Merchant Taylor's) has its origins in deepest London. In the 16th century, the river Thames was the rock-on transport highway and pecking-order precedence ruled. The MTs and a rival faction argued over who was 6th and who was 7th in the all-important order of priority on the river. The dispute came to blows and people were killed in a pitched battle of confusion: the Lord Mayor adjudicated and said you will take it in turns every year being 6th and 7th. This Gave rise to pluvial stability and the phrase "At sixes and sevens".

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