Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dilated Pupils: the Acid test

japanese engrish fail funny hotel signThey say the camera adds 10 pounds but nobody paid me. I don't think I'll ever be an obese child but I have certainly been getting wider. Does that make me a dilated pupil?
clock radios and digital tuners currys outletPeople did crowd around me a little today after my appearance on the news yesterday. But many of them didn't let me speak, I cannot believe that others have opinions of their own, so I was very sad all the way home and sulked.
I wanted to take Ben with us, but nothing was arranged. Can't you Tardis a playdate in retrospect?
kids with tv remote controlsteignmouth road play park recreation ground baffins portsmouthThis was supposed to be a quiet relaxing afternoon so straight away we went out to buy me a clock radio, in orange, with big illuminated numbers and a buzzer as well as multi-band radio facility. Curry's had some but not the right ones, PC World next door had exactly the same ones. Clutching my compromise-prize, we walked back to the car and failed to buy Match Attax! cards in a local newsagent.
Teignmouth Road playpark was our surprise extra stopoff.
It's an averagely sized park (that we hardly ever visit) next to some allotments, with similar climbing frames to Yellow Plum Park but nobody I knew. The occupants were arguing and using complex words and phrases I'm not allowed to use, so we went home where the Ben I so fervently desired was practically waiting for me. I played the clip of me on TV a few times for my fans and we ran around quacking as usual.

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