Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Acoustic Ladyland

you only had one job meme mcdonalds restaurant failBit of a hurry this morning and in Maths, I reckon I could do Year 6 work if this easy-peasy stuff is all Year 3 has to offer.
Out of school I scooted to the Post Office and posted Jof's first novel. There were no stooped hirsute Grannies moving at half-speed whatsoever so our task was complete within seconds. I wore my Ninja Balaclava (Ninjaclava) even in the Post Office which is inadvisable as it looks like an armed robbery, but nobody noticed. I sped along the pavements of this world saying "Excuse me, Ninja coming through" which makes a mockery of the alleged invisibility of the Lesser Spotted Ninja.
pjs guitars highland road portsmouthThen we were Drivin' South, keepin' it between the lines like a bat out of hell along a dark desert highway. The guitar shop isn't far away and it is full of guitars and all associated paraphernalia. Also, inexplicably, it has a tear in the fabric of space-time and reality so is both a guitar shop and a moped shop, should you ever need to buy both at once. Buying a Marshall Amp? Then why not get a motorcycle helmet while you're at it?
Both shopkeepers had long hair like Johnny and Bobert's Dad, and one of them sold me a 3/4 size acoustic guitar made by "Valencia, since 1972". At only 150% of the price estimated by my guitar teacher, it was a bargain. I got to select 3 plectra of my choice: my favourite is red, and another is groovily translucent.
I think the shopkeeper rather gave the game away when he said his parents were thinking of fitting out the basement and soundproofing it for his musical benefit, and their continued sanity.
jimi hendrix screensaver like gary moore album coversI rushed home and strummed away happily in my room, (or rather clanged tunelessly) possibly in preparation for some hermit-like and hormonally challenged teenage years.
Now when I'm on the road paying my dues I've got something to hock when gigs are few and far between... all together now,
"Her neck was long and slender,
Her body curved so fine,
I weep when I remember
That sweet Rosalie was mine".
We picked up Jof from the supermarket because she has to buy a whole load of Dull-But-Not-Fattening foodstuffs for her new diet. I got far more carrots for supper than I'd bargained for but as long as I get the chocolate box afterwards I don't care.

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