Monday, 27 January 2014

Gordian? Or not...

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Found my Ninja Balaclava today so wore it to school. Some Year 3 Girlies said I was cute, I'm told this is a good thing but am not yet sure.
At home (once I'd finished Supper #1) we got started on the Earthrise project. I select keyboard keys from the old PC keyboards we destroyed, determine the optimum order, and he glues them onto an old damaged noticeboard. I'd first thought that this would be a 3 year project but once we'd got going, the rows just fly by and we're onto our third keyboard.
giant lego castle with towersBut then Ben arrived and we opened his new packets of Match Attax! cards and shared them out. Sadly we are partially obscured by Lego, but it is difficult to find a spot in my room where you are not.
Then, because we are 8, we played the old banjo. This red 4-string was for my birthday about 4 years ago and all the Puddlers have played it at some point, sometimes all together. Having moved on to an actual real 6-string, the old faithful red strummer was going to the charity shop but I have since decided that I shall keep it for my son or grandson, whichever comes first. We took turns playing it and singing for 2 minutes each, while the other danced.
At Cubs we got a mystery plant pot to keep moist that has nothing to do with Mother's day, honest. But the milestone was our investiture.
5th portsmouth scouts milton st jamesBaloo said he'd never had to inveterate so many cublets all at once. We practised the investment ceremony while waiting for parents to turn up as witnesses (Jehovahs go straight to jail, do not pass go) but not enough did so we went ahead and investigated anyway. We are now fully-inveigled Cubs.
Cubs is much more full-on, there's stand-at-ease and Pack Alert and Eyes Right and shouted responses and kneeling and recitations and a hierarchy. I am in Blue Six but Ben is in White Six. We saluted and held the flag and got our badges but they're just the signing-on badges same as the Beaver ones. I am determined to get my Silver award for getting all the badges.

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