Thursday, 2 January 2014

I Wanna Rock'n'Roll (Shake that Thang)

catwalk model with high-heeled shoe as hat fashion funny failWhen I discovered that Jof was going to take me to YMCA childminding today, I objected vociferously, stating that she would get me there so late I would miss out on playtime.
But we weren't that late and I played lots of team games and I banged my head and then I got a football in the same head and someone kicked me in the back. Just when I was remonstrating with the back-kicker, the ball rolled over the line and everyone laughed at me and said O what a crap goalie, we're not having you on the team again.
The age range today was quite wide. We had a 2 year-old and some of the people are much bigger than me and rough in the football match but all they can say is "Huuurrrghh" and they eat their shirts.
Jof even picked me up and it was raining so we opted for the Yule Log for pudding. It has one of those Wheels of Nutrition on the front (traffic light food ratings label) and every single one of the sections is red, apart from one, which is orange, my favourite colour.

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