Sunday, 5 January 2014

Is it a Road? Is it a Beach? Yes!

kid in starry dressing gown playing friv online gamesI settled down into a day of games on the FRIV website. I've heard of fresh air and Vitamin D but I'm having none of it, the weatherguesser said it might turn nasty later and I've developed a taste for pyjama days.
After his run (some of which is along the seafront) he said come on, we're going out, just when Jof had persuaded me to scoot around the park for a while. So we agreed to combine the 2 missions as long as nobody complained, and we were already dressed for the occasion.
southsea seafront in bad weather pebbles on cycle lane
The angry sea has scurfed the whole beach clean of shingle and deposited it on the corniche road: that is why the road is closed in 2 locations. The waves were still fairly rough and then we discovered corpses and things were looking up. We walked along the shoreline all the way from the Miniature Village to the Pyramids and looked at the line of detritus that the sea had vomited up for our perusal.
We found:
southsea beach seaweed washed up bad weatherShoes: many and various. No pairs, no occupants. Some complete, some not.
Bits of: fireworks, plastic, shotgun cartridge, seashells of all nations, trees, lighters, cable drum and others unknown.
stones washed onto southsea promenade in stormy weather
Dead: starfish, shell-dwellers various, sea anemones, cuttlefish, squid egg bundles, dogfish egg sacs, crabs, pigeons, sea slugs, seagulls, pigeons and starfish (fragments), 74 varieties of seaweed and a fox.
Alive: 1 blue spider crab (stunned), several ecstatic dogs and my hopes for more discoveries.
After an hour of bone-chilling gales, Jof really wanted to go home so we fed the swans on Canoe Lake (overflowing) with out-of-date cheese biscuits left over from the new year's eve party and had a quick go on the exercise park before retreating for tea and fish-based lunch.
At the last minute remembered holiday homework. Did a poster, lots of spellings and made words out of "Father Christmas", not including the famous poem "Catfish Stream" by Fraser T Smith.

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