Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Lies of Communication

baffins pond recreational area tangier road copnor portsmouthWell, a relaxing start to the day. I failed to eat my breakfast again so we went out for the shopping and tasks circuit.
Baffins Pond is a haven for birds and squirrels. But we were there to feed neither: I have difficulty with swans - they always chase me - so I did the swingpark only. It scores quite highly on the City Council website (on number of play items, such as swings and slides) and we were the only ones there. Dogs argued loudly in the forest next to us but we didn't care. The large slide was slippery.
On Tangier Road is a shop called Penelope Ann that does school and other uniforms. I got my Beaver Scout blue top there 2 years ago, and I got my Cub Scout green top and shirt there today. We danced around the shop laughing at training bras and bobby socks and were probably caught on CCTV but we didn't damage or steal anything.
kurdish children support jesus is aliveOn London Road we visited the shop that promised us acrylic or Perspex offcuts for Robot #3. The owner was out and his colleague had deliberately emptied the offcuts drawer that very morning, just in time for the bin-men to take it all away. The journey was wasted and we were thwarted by lack of communication.
Over the road is a shop called Squirrels. They don't sell furry tree-climbers but it is an eclectic Aladdin's cave of film and celebrity paraphernalia. They are deeply religious and raise money to help Kurdish children displaced by Iraqi tribal warfare. I got a Libyan 5 Milliemes coin with scalloped edge and we got a sign for the Pub-Garage complex at the bottom of our garden.
Lego! Lunch! Then Ben picked me up for his party at Playzone and the Pizza Hut, what more could a little chap want?
hm armed forces royal navy type 45 destroyerWell, while I was out, the Elderlies raided local charity shops and got 'Big bag of Lego Bricks' (£5) and 'Lego-alike Type 45 Destroyer' (£10) so not so bad.
At the party we all did attack-chase and got sweaty and I had lots of pepperoni pizza. Thank you Ben for a great time. The party bags were Match Attax cards and I got 15 or so new ones, a splendid victory.
The Lego Destroyer comes with 5 humanoids and 3 missiles and the bag of bits was strong on blocks so looks like the castle will have even more towers than recently planned.

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