Friday, 3 January 2014

After the Watershed

basketball funny failToday he took me into YMCA childcare so we were first there. The staff hadn't opened the admissions door at that point so we used the other one.
The aspect I'm most looking forward to is swimming. For years I've been piddling about in the roped-off kiddie end of the pool I actually use for swimming lessons - because I was under 8 years old, the watery watershed for magic access to the deep end. No more.
What other age-related boundaries are there to look forward to, not including the various 9+, 11+ and similar student assessments the government may come up with?
  • 10: playing mini-golf at the Tenth Hole
  • 16: I could be married by my Regimental Chaplain. Sell scrap metal (woops).
  • 17: driving licence (not including tank licence from last year). Fly a hot air balloon.
  • 18: buy beer (I probably still won't like fizzy drinks). Buy the fireworks I've been using for 15 years.
  • 21: watch those special movies (9 years old if your neighbour has Wi-Fi). Drive a road roller.
ymca charter academy daycare portsmouth activitiesYMCA was great. I did trampolining in the morning because the tutor was my old gym teacher. Swimming was better because I could dive for bricks, swim wherever I wanted and we stayed in for 2 hours!
We sat in a circle and discussed possible improvements for the daycare programme. I suggested we build opposing castles and use catapults to fling sludge (jelly with added banana skin fragments) at each other to assess castle design and mural solidity. I look forward to this upgrade next time.
I also made a gun, but it looks like an oil rig. The Urrrhuuuggguuurgh Brothers played football and some very little girls played Frisbee inaccurately and tried to decapitate people. But you only get this little green rubber Frisbee, I guess even OddJob had to start somewhere.
On the way home we bought light bulbs. Not so interesting, you might say. But the reason we have such a large light bulb consumption (even with Lo-energy ones) is that we have 58 active light bulbs in our house. The weather was iffy and the wind made the chimneypots howl. We lit the fire and ate Quality Street.

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