Thursday, 28 November 2013

What are YOU thankful for?

funny road sign children are speed bumpsIn America they have "Thanksgiving Day" where they thank the natives for feeding them through the first bad winter where they forgot to bring farm implements and then they spread poxes and land-grab-itis through the native population in return. Well, us English have done no better with our huntin', shootin' and fishin' of the various natives we've met over the years. But now they have a huge meal and go round the table asking what they're thankful for. I am thankful for the Match Attax! cards (well, as soon as they buy me some more) and the Lego I'll get for Xmas (until I've built it) and the gymnastics lessons (as long as they aren't too difficult). I am NOT thankful for the £60 a month standing orders on "activities", huge amount of work organising playdates, and a bedroom you could play tennis in, because background efforts on my behalf are ..... in the background.
rugby scrum melee in parkToday in school I learnt to count to 10 in French and my trousers are still too small, showing off my Lego Builder's Crevice.
Thursday Park is a regular fixture so I scooted there and met Ben and we played rugby with the other boys. One steals the ball and the others perform wolfpack hunting strategies to try and bring him down and then we all lie on top of it.
naval battle on kitchen floor toy shipsAfter an hour in the dark, (only 3 things were visible - the ball, Ben's blonde hair and my white bottie where it's not covered by my trousers) the JBs phoned to say sorry we were at the dentist, wouldst thou like to come and eat fish fingers with us? We leapt at the chance and practically ran there. Thankfully, Bensmum trod in the dogpoo which saved me from it.
We all like Match Attax! cards and they gave me 27 duplicates although they called them swapsies so perhaps we're not singing from the same Team Sheet.
I shall bolster my own collection with them and swap even more at school. We played Naval Attack Manoeuvres in the kitchen, where else. We also voted to have barbecue pasta, instead of the promised Fishy Fingers of Uncertainty. We never wanted to leave as it was such a great 3 1/2 hours of friendful fun. Now there's something to be thankful for.

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