Monday, 11 November 2013

The Unexpected Grandfather

jehovahs witnesses random people coming up to your doors funny cartoonI see they're doing Buy-2-get-1-free laser eye surgeries at the Caveat Emporium, must make a booking.
We did a 2 minutes' silence at school today to remember Great-Grandfather, didn't know anyone else had met him.
We did deaf and blind people in school today and someone said about the little rotating thing under the button you press to make the traffic lights go red. But we couldn't find one, and we checked both sides.
insect collection in resin blocksJust as we got home, Grandad popped round the corner. I did a great double-take and running jumping hug which made his visit worthwhile. His arrival was a surprise so I dutifully showed him all the coloured snowflakes I'd made at Nanna's house and my collection of insects in resin blocks and Jof's Dad's Dinky Toy Spitfire. Of course Grandma couldn't make it, she doesn't even make it out of bed any more.
He was full of questions such as where are Kiwi fruits from and can you find it on a globe. I got extra TV time while they were talking about change-of-address notifications for stockbrokers and why they wouldn't accept verbal references. Times have changed from when Gentlemen would accept a letter from the Ambassador on Consulate headed notepaper, funny handshake not included.
But after he'd gone, Ben turned up as usual with his exceedingly muddy footprints and we Legoed loudly while the old people dissected who'd done what at the firework party. I was the best behaved in Beavers and I was given some cress seeds to grow because I said what a rubbish garden we have. Being mid-November, it's not exactly the right time to start growing vegetables but we'll try anyway, because you can never have too many vitamins.

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