Monday, 18 November 2013

A Whiter Shade of Fail

mad scientist lab coat inverted magnet kitten funnyThe day started well, I actually ate breakfast without being hypnotised by the Polychrome Metronome and got to school on time.
It all went wrong when I saw my classmates. They all pick on me and when I tell the teacher she tells me to stop telling and be quiet. So I had a bad day, even that posh Year 4 totty Helena Handcart was nasty.
And I got told off again at picking-up time, just because I was still inside 12 minutes after everyone else had gone .....
So at home I started writing a big complaint poster starting "I really hate it when people say..."
For our afternoon activity we visited a MOT car repair centre where the man was nice enough to fit a replacement headlight bulb for us, saves all that embarrassing working-under-the-hood with torches while it gets dark and cold and you don't know what you're doing. I lay on their massive windowsill and ululated at passing cars.
rodney road pompey centre fratton vehicle MOT servicesAt Bud's work, a new badge-lock door has been installed. This is because a random bicyclist got in at the weekend, past the sleeping security guard, found the staffroom and joyously took all the cleaner's purses before walking out past the same security guard (doing paperwork). And today, at Jof's bank, a random intruder tried to snatch a customer's handbag and scarpered after she rugbied him to the ground, and the place had to close to accommodate all the Policepersons and she got home early! It seems like the "in" accessory for the modern thief-about-town is a ladies' purse. Many decades before I was born, an armed
record beaver scout activities in notebook bank robber came in to where Jof was working at the time and she got so angry he ran away and held up the bank next door, I guess most robbers are incompetent.
benefits of scout membership and battleship with whaleAt Beavers Ben told on me about going to the toilet which is exactly what I was complaining about earlier. But we had a great time and they loved the cress seedlings and I have been given (again) the dubious honour of 'Looking after Brian Beaver'. This cuddly toy no doubt harbours bacteria and saliva from generations of Beavers and comes with a book in which you record the activities of this furry fiend. On my previous turn, I claimed that he helped us move house for Grandma, whereas in reality I'm sure he stayed in his bag for the whole week and we hurriedly made up some old tat just before the next meeting.
I have written a thank-you note (with added battleship drawing) to Bluebird for my great time at Beavers, including the following sentiments:
Dear Bluebird I've had a great time at BEAVERS and wish I could stay longer but there's nothing to earn and I want to go from some of the lunatic people in beaVERS.
this is what I've enjoyed: camp, sleepovers, Ball games, Traffic lights, running, Firstaid. I liked getting badges! I made new friends! and had a great time!

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