Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A little bit of who you fancy

witch crashed into tree funny halloween joke front garden displayGoodness me! A little brisk this morning, I had pink cheekies walking to school.
Mrs M is still off sick, obviously trying to get out of the teachers' evening where they diss us poor kids behind our backs.
Today we did preliminary auditioning for the school Xmas play. We had to read out the Narrators' part, just so we could get the pitch of the hall and the teacher could assess our declaiming abilities.
royal artillery antique officers dress uniform and hat fancy dress for lucky school boy pudsey bear children in need daySchool plays always have 'Narrators' because they have to find enough parts for everyone to be involved, and having 3 or 4 of them reading out some background information gets rid of a few of them. In my last production, several kids were 'Grass', some 'River' and in two rather depressing cases, 'Bricks'. These lowest-of-the-low were supporting columns in the troll bridge and didn't even show their faces at the end where all the parents have to clap for that little bit too long. At least 'Grass' and 'River' got to wave in the wind or ripple a bit, the bricks just had to hide their suitable-for-radio faces.
 Now clearly, I was the troll. The best part in any production is the bad guy, and so I again asked if I could be the bad guy. I'm not sure if there is a bad guy in the Nativity play.....
Anyhoo, our Children-in-need day on Friday means we get to go to school in fancy dress. As usual, I have chosen Great-Grandads' work clothes, and accordingly, we got them out of the loft a few days ago and tried to get the smell of mothballs out of them. It hasn't completely worked, but never mind eh. They have a few years' wear left in them before they get too small for me, and by the time my kid is wearing them, they'll be a hundred years old.
Teachers' Evening.
meon junior school milton portsmouth assembly hall gym
We scooted there and found Ben. We played football moves in the empty gym/assembly hall until he was retrieved and so I played bowls (both cricket and skittles) and keepy-uppy 3-way pat-ball and skid penalties and investigating deserted areas of the school and stuff for ages until all of us kids congregated outside in the dark playground. This is our normal stomping ground so we were in our element and played Den-chase while singing the We Are Sexy Girls song. Incidentally, in the trophy cabinet in the gym, I saw a wooden crest of arms/plaque from Her Majestys' Prison Magilligan, which is in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Why do we have such a thing?
We waited slightly over an hour for our scheduled appointment to come true and then we were told that I was competent in maths and needed to learn more times tables. It was barely worth the wait and Jof said Poldarks to cooking at this time of night, let's get a MacDougalls. I had Poultry McNuggets.

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