Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hey Buddy, can you lend me $13.7 trillion?

american police patrolman motorcycle cop unconscious at side of roadI am a god, and through no fault of my own am currently being held against my will in a prison of utmost torture. I have had a horrible day because people keep being mean to me and saying bad words and pushing me over.
As I have a no-dob policy on my fellow inmates, they are all happy while they are nasty to me and I am sad in a corner.
purple sunset in hampshireIf you could see your way to lending me $13.7 trillion, I will repay you as soon as I have ascended to a plane of enlightenment.
Also, I had to do my Prove-you've-read-the-book quizzes in my break-time because I was doing work during school hours.
Anyway, once I'd regaled Bud with the story of how horrible everything is for the entire journey home, it was Park Thursday, and suddenly I was happy again.
It was cold and dark and splendid as Ben and the JBs and I played football with the bigger lads until the much bigger lads said rude words too frequently and we played police chase with the scooters and bikes. We still got well over an hours' fresh air and fireworks went off behind the trees and we were the last in the park. Even the teenagers with their unevenly manufactured cigarettes left before us.
Later I completed many more online book quizzes in the hope of outstripping the whole class and getting more Quiz points. I am a little Quizling.
criminal removed from court in disguise
Dread Pirate Bobert

pirate costume party

News reaches me that "Silk Road" the special website for special people who want to buy and sell guns and Bolivian Marching Powder using digital currency 'Bitcoins' has been busted by the FBI. The creator of this Naughty Ebay is "Dread Pirate Robert", and incredibly, I've known him for years. My Dread Pirate Bob certainly likes his guns and swords and is indeed a mighty snorting powder ranger, with plenty of excess energy.

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