Saturday, 9 November 2013

Love me on TweetFace! You know you want to .....

Fooled you - I'm not here!
statistical analysis funny of tellings offGot up 8-ish just when Bud was leaving for work and spread the love to Jof, who was not impressed. We are going to Nannas' today but he is not, no doubt straight down Frugal McDougalls' Liquor Shack to disport himself disgracefully through the ale- and bawdy-houses of the nearest port.
As I am now bifurcated, you will have to wait until I am reunited with myself for a fuller update. However, we can now have a sneak preview of my latest log - the TellOffLog! This records the number of times I am admonished every day, giving documentary proof of how terrible my life really is. These statistics aren't damn lies. Better look out - I'll analyse you too!
shirtless boys waiting for supperpacket of 5 large rockets fireworksThe early chart curve indicates heavy chastisement traffic with an average of over 12, peaking at 17. It's a wonder I'm still alive. Plus I missed Beer'n'Bombs at Bens' place, just because I'm being cosseted by Nanna.

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