Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Nip in the Air (under 4 layers of clothing)

assbender funny magazine article and facepalm failOne of those complicated days at school where you do IT then PE then French. If only it was Religious Mania instead, we could have had IT/PE/RE.
I have salvaged some components for a laser gun from the floor of the toilets, and secreted them proudly in my rucksack. Also known as 'the inside bit from bogrolls', they shall prove useful for WMD manufacture and ultimately, they are recyclable.
fluorescent yellow gloves and footballer on frozen groundThe regular fixture "Thursday Park" was cut a little short by falling temperatures. We didn't care, of course, and played football until Ben and Johnny had a bottom-spanking fight over who had slide-tackled the other one too much, and I retired to the sanctum sanctorum under the slide to have a good cry about how it's always my fault.
It wasn't long until we played "Shoot the ball at the guy on the swing while singing Horrible Henry's Happy Nappy song" and army base attack and throwing wood-chips down the curly yellow slide. We also proved that we are not yet too old to employ our pet adult in a game of attack chase.
lepidium sativum cress seedlings germinating in moist compost school projectBob feigned injury to get close enough to punch, always a good ruse the first time. Ben did get damaged with a chance meeting 'twixt chin and boot, but then he plays the role of Dead Body on Battlefield really well.
When we were sent home it was cold and almost dark, definitely a nip in the air, if thou knowest whereof I speak, Herodotus. We left the park facilities to the hiding teenagers.
You may recall that on Monday, Bluebird (Beaver Scout section leader) gave me some cress seeds to grow, to make up for not having a garden any more. Possibly twisted logic and at the wrong time of year, but we planted them anyway. A mere 3 days later we have new life! Gosh, I'm good at this. I suppose I am a god, after all.

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