Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Release the Hounds!

arthur byron cover strange book title funny platypus in bow tieI was dozy as a pillock this morning, Jof said it was because I got to bed at 10pm last night, I see no causal connection.
Anyway, did some more Match Attax card swapping at school, and as for important events, I might as well stop there.
But on the way home we stopped off at Little Tesco for milk. There was a lot more blood on the floor than you would normally expect, given that Pompey wasn't having a pre-season friendly against a Scottish football club. 2 dogs chained to the bicycle parking frame outside the shop had bitten the hand of Old Mrs Crohn who is very old and has one of those 3-wheeled Zimmer frames and actually lives in our street. She bled copiously while the staff busied themselves with a chair and floor-wipes.
schoolboy activity after hoursAt home, we determined that we had a couple of free hours and I was going to waste it staring at the TV, my cards, or my Lego. Knowing this, we took a football to the park for 15 minutes' running and jumping to break the day up a bit.
reindeer cupcakes for school xmas fayre cake stallStraight away, Brandon and Leyton and Owen and others from my new school, old school and Scouts stole the ball and we chased each other round, rugbying it off each other. They are all bigger than me and buff ruggers with it but I eventually got it back. Then there was a familiar shoulder-length hairdo on the swings. I haven't seen LittleMax in ages since he moved to Highbury so there was a lot of quacking and attacking and then we made a team effort to bury the football under a pile of woodchips. We have made playdates for the Xmas hols.
Later I avoided bedtime by demanding we play, do art or otherwise procrastinate. We made reindeer cakes.

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