Saturday, 2 November 2013

A God you can Believe in

When I woke up (0900) it was just Jof and I again so we didn't hurry and didn't do anything. Ben summonsed me for quiet play to help him come down from his football high so once the car was back, I commanded a lift round to his and we started on Lego. Sometimes simple people need simple days.
designing sprites scratch annoying At the Halloween party he did his new trick of going around with his sticking-up willy out making the Mummies laugh. OK, so it's not a new trick and it was actually a plastic finger with a nail through it, but the thought was there. Perhaps I'd better become a lawyer so I can earn a living getting him off charges of indecent public exposure.
We filmed Tours-Of-The-House on his Mums' phone until the battery ran out and then made 'Sprites' on a program called Scratch which his Mum reckons she wrote the code for. It makes blatty vine-style clips with strobing colours in funny shapes that you design yourself. Ben is quite flash at it but I had a decent go too.
Eventually I had to go (only 3 hours?) and we saw many fireworks, must be nearly time to remember a political assassin. Bath fizzer night ensued, bed for approx. 2325, still babbling.

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