Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tricksters, Hucksters and Scamps

lame cnn tv news item headline funny failSo at last I took my Match Attax! cards in and started swapping. This is a chance to develop the duckin' and divin' muscles, to see a man about a dog, hear a whisper in the Elephant and otherwise perform unequal exchange chicanery. Of all the scamps, I may have been the most ..... scampi.
football cards all over the carpetI maintain that I came out with more cards than at the beginning of the day, and happily arranged them all over the floor and got a Stoke player so the manager had someone to boss around, babble babble. It's something I shall never understand, how these adults can feign such utter disinterest on such an important subject. Must be something to do with marriage.
In gymnastics I had to stand on a girl. My partner is considerably larger than me so I had to stand on her legs and we held hands crossed over and I had to lean back and balance.
This was followed by several variations of contortions while getting on top of girls, I'm told this is supposed to be interesting but it was kind of weird.
On Sunday we scored Match Attax cards at knockdown prices in a little shop he runs past on Tuesdays. Today was Tuesday so while I was extricating chocolate from the gym bag on the way home, guess what I accidentally found?

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