Friday, 1 November 2013

Wasserfest! (kein tropfen zu trinken, of Platypi and men)

cats falling down funnyAs of today, WurstFest opens again with the official Tapping of the Keg and the equally official Biting of the Sausage: several thousand Texans will gain 20 pounds in weight over the coming week. Nobody says Zu Befehl, Herr Oberst any more, because Operation Paperclip is obsolete and even Wiesenthal has given up chasing Argentinians.
He got me up today so I was there on time with no rush, even though I had my traditional last-minute unexpected poo before leaving the house.
However we discovered that while we were off work yesterday, workmen had dug up Kate-Lynns' road (where we'd parked) and put up Road Closed/No Entry signs with sandbags and a giant orange traffic cone. So there we were, at 8 in the morning, removing highways agency furniture so we could get the car out.
perry the platypus ymca childcare portsmouth papier mache activitiesToday I got double swimming: in YMCA I chose not to do Lego but played football with mulatto Ansah of my old school who has spectacles as thick as a pint glass but is very very keen on football.
Later I did papier mache and made a Platypus which I absolutely insisted I had to bring home to finish, why does everybody start talking about cardboard recycling when we've spent all day making a platypus or particle accelerator or Patriot laser-missile platform?
In normal swimming the numbers were a bit thin on the ground (or indeed the surface of the pool) so we did 3 lengths for show and played water polo. Because of the way it is, nobody had to be taught the rules or had an advantage due to special skills etc so we all just got on with it, laughing and treading water and getting excellent swimming practice without knowing it. It was only 6 a side and really deserved a photo but we're not allowed due to underage swimsuits. My team (un-hatted) won 4-2 against the hatted team even though Teacher John was taking it all far too seriously.
ps did you know there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet?

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