Thursday, 21 November 2013

Beware of Lurking Trolls

giant shopping cart vehicle funnyToday it was cold. We have a strange system in which a teacher determines the amount of warm clothing in a randomly chosen classroom: if it is insufficient to allow us to survive the prevailing weather conditions, the whole school is not allowed out. It qualified as a "Cold Day".
We got a free book today, from the City Council. It purports to be about self-disguising monsters with dubious dentistry and we soon discover that they attack you through your net portal. "Pretendor" is a Troll who wants to buy presents for the little girl. "Tormentor" calls the little boy lots of nasty names. "Melware" steals and eats your pictures and bank accounts. "Spirus" sneaks into your computer and breaks it. But the parents kill them with magic discs and everything is alright in the end!
metal slide and climbing frameDoesn't say anything about older sisters downloading so many add-on toolbars that your usable screen diminishes to one square inch .....
I need a snack in the afternoon. Today I chose Rice Krispies, even though they are 98.5% air, some mother do 'ave 'em. The park was cold and quiet so we played football with varying amounts of coats. Some of us dress up properly, some go out in shirtsleeves because of Inuit DNA.
We played for ages and had our PuddleHuddle (picnic break on the slide) and got into the baby swings and were just playing Curly-slide Roll'em and "Baby Army" with pistols called Wee-Shooters when we were the last there again and went home to the warmth. Jof had had another long hard day at work so I made her draw Father Christmases to stop her doing laundry or sitting down or anything.

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