Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doggie DooDoo

hawthorn crescent park highbury community centre portsmouth Sunday is often a day of pass-the-child: today was no different. With the blatant bribe of £1 for Match Attax cards, I accompanied him to the supermarket. A further sweetener was 2 parks of my choice and they were 2 in the Cosham region, by the railway.
gurnard road park cosham portsmouthHawthorn Crescent (right by Highbury Community Centre) is an 8-item parklet with 2 swinging baskets and some strangely-shaped climbables. LittleMax lives in the Highbury area now but we didn't see him.
Gurnard Road park also has 8 items, the same 2 climbing rocks as ours, but an extra one! And a long zipline that I didn't go on and a spinning table that I did - until I got dizzy. It's right across the railway from where they do the giant firework displays, but nice and quiet because there were no trains today, obviously digging up the track somewhere. There was far too much dog poo and I said I wanted to shoot all the dogs, because they're pointless.
On the walk back through Cosham High Street, I trod in a really big dog poo. There was no grass to wipe it on so I scuffed in some dead leaves and some gravel and then I moaned for ages because when you know your shoe is all poo-ey and you've wiped it up your trouserleg, it's all you can think about.
coloured drawing of buildings and orange purple skyFortunately, the little newsagents near MacDougalls was having a sale on Match Attax, so I got 2 packets for my £1! That made me feel better, and they were all new ones! I have 6 duplicates to take to school tomorrow to swap with Ben.
At home, Jof had been hoovering and scrubbing the kitchen floor and laundry-ing and ironing so I made sure she sat with me and drew for a bit, while my poo-shoes were in the washing machine. Did you ever see Dallas from a DC-9 at night? Well that's what Jof has drawn, but neither of us can draw planes so we just did seagulls again. You know where you are with seagulls.

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