Sunday, 10 November 2013

Buffet at the Bakery

nest of tables and bookcaseToday I woke up at Nannas' house, always a bonus. She gave me £3 towards my nest Lego item, I'm saving up for lots of different things all in the £60 - £90 region, sadly my funds aren't swelling as fast as I deserve.
hailsham road stone cross pevenseyThe big thing about today was the Buffet at the Holly Blue carvery (which Ben calls a bakery) which is just up the road from the farm we go to in the summer. Also nearby is a local brewery and we'll get the PuddleDaddies some samples next time. Nanna gave us some more seashells for our collection by the door and a six-inch high sea captain with binoculars and ships' steering wheel: not sure about him.
The Carvery had 4 meats and lots of roast veg and gravy and you can go back as many times as you like but not for meat. I had turkey and filled up on peas. The journey home was better than yesterday where there was a crash at Chichester and puddles so big you couldn't drive through them. It was so good to be home I helped make supper again.

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