Sunday, 3 November 2013

Unreasonable Chastisement

Woke Jof up this morning and got told off lots because my little sharp elbows stab her when I fidget, which is all the time and especially when he tickles me, so we were both banned by shouting. So I have created a chart where I log all of the tellings off and each day will have a bar graph or similar.
lego collection and ownerI announced not too long ago that I would be making a chart of my friends with little pictures that go up or down the ladder of happiness and approval depending on whether they've been nasty to me or not. I never actually got round to making that, but lets' see how the TellOff log goes. Perhaps if I have enough logs I will get a logjam, which I believe requires Senna pods to cure.
Later I turned down the chance to go to a different park and chose to go shopping instead. This was so I could push the trolley which I insisted on doing even when it got far too heavy for me and I kept clipping shelves at the end of aisles and crashing into fat women.
I wanted to create a really big army base so we stuck all of the big flats together and arranged all of my pre-built models on it, even Jof made a castle. Later we made 'Crackbangs', strange creations all lumped together, like the mad things you build with all the leftover parts from Airfix model kits. Then I made supper (all apart from lifting the plates down from the cupboard I can't reach). Pasta in Spinach & Ricotta sauce with veg has never tasted so good.

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