Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hobnail and I

funny engrish menu item  failI declared that the most interesting thing to happen today was getting a male teaching assistant to cover for when Mrs M was doing some assessments.
We all need to gain 'Table Points' and 'House points' and probably class points and individual merits and so forth. This afternoon I pulled my usual backup when I'm desperate which is holding the door open for everyone else as they trudge through to the parental pickups.
alexandra park portsmouth firework night Apparently I get 10 house points for this menial task, just think what I could get if I did something useful.
After Lunch II we drove to my new Gymnastics lesson - same thing, just later. We got 9 bonus minutes in the park but it was dark and cold and I got cold fingers although they were periodically illuminated by local fireworks.
Gym was not the same at all. The new class is much harder work and far more complex. I did handstands, headstands, bridge, splits, forward and backward rolls, waffle drops, trampolining, parachute attack, touch toes, 3 times through the foam pit, hand jumps on the parallel bars, pushups and more. I need practice, but did well for a first attempt. I've gone from being the tallest to the shortest in the group simply by moving groups.

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