Friday, 8 November 2013

Enact Protocol 7!

men in inflatable fat suits dancing funnyKinda had to run to school today, why can't they make it later?
Played Rugby in extra-extended PE. We played belt tag in which you have a ribbon thing stuck in your belt and the chasers have to grab it from you at which point you become a chaser, possibly undead as you have to have a blood transplant. Then your partner had to go to the other side of the playground and you have to do the sideways rugby pass and throw the ball as far as possible towards them but its not measured in centimetres and whoever gets it the furthest but its not about distance its nearest the partner very far away look I'm not 25 you know I'm explaining it the best that I can god what are you totally stupid or something I've told you it's who gets it the furthest but nearest only by eye....
lego city 60013 coastguard helicopter rescue boat sharkThen I got Legotime at last. I really didn't mind having to eat the quiche and ham sandwich and kiwi and Kinder Egg, because it gave me strength for swimming where I'm getting really good at handstands.
I am to perform one of my periodical spreading-of-the-gorgeousness visits to Nanna tomorrow so I packed my own suitcase and quality-checked
the spice rack for her present and liked the Lego set that is my reward for being me. It has a shark and everything.

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