Saturday, 23 November 2013

Match Attax!

match of the day BBC  card collecting gameBy the time we got up he was at work so we went shopping for ages. There were no ages but we did get a Horrid Henry and started my Match Attax collection. I said I wanted to have a hobby so Jof and I chose this, based on Ben and the JB's existing interest in the subject.
Yesterday, I spent the whole journey home telling him in great detail how you can't swap Match Attax cards. The newsagent takes your name and you get a special ID card and all the Attax packets you buy go on the ID card and registered to your name. Thus if you attempt to exchange any with Ben, for example, the publishing company know about it and send round the Card Police to take all your cards off you and you're not allowed to buy any more cards.
However, the fact that it is called "Trading Card Game" determined that was a lie. Of course, the publishing company wishes you to buy lots and lots of them so they sell them in child-friendly newsagents in brightly coloured packets that are opaque so you can't see what you're getting. We trailed around endless shops but I got a magazine and a book to keep the cards in and some packets of cards. Even Bud bought me one packet once he'd got back from seeing the terminally skeletal Grandma. I now have 42 cards and 6 duplicates that I can use for swapping!
risk armies i threw a 2 and he threw a 4My head is buzzing with golden limited editions and star players and managers and the referee and star buys and I've got the Man U manager but no Man U players for him to manage and lots of players where you can't pronounce his name and some of the teams are Welsh and babble babble babble until Jof sent me out of the room for babbling. Not bad for the first day.
Incidentally, one of the places Jof and I went to today was the bank. She was very kind and filled up the cash machine on her day off. I helped, going downstairs into the giant safe with its giant doors and getting actual bricks of £20 notes and stuffing them into the trays so that people could get beer money out all weekend, for I am thoughtful like that. I was quite loud ("Waarg, look at all that money!") but due to security concerns there are no photos of the event. How many humans of my height handled enough cash to buy a house today? Not many.
Then we played risk with associated tantrums, storming out of the room, stand-up tell-offs and so forth. Feminine Pink (Jof) may win through being sensible, angry red (me) may win by having 57 countries, balanced yellow (Bud) will lose due to existing only to annoy. I boogied impressively to "Now that's what I call Disco" 3 CD set, showing dance skills beyond my years.

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