Tuesday, 19 November 2013

2 on 1: hiding the Beaver

americans believe in ghosts funny failToday is "Have a Bad Day Day", specifically invented for all those poor customer service workers who have to constantly wish everyone a Good Day, which may not truly reflect their actual thoughts. Jof took a day off so she didn't have to pretend. There was an alarm clock malfunction and we didn't wake up until 0830. I was so late I had to get a Tardiness Ticket from the school office.
Today I got my script for the school Jesus play: it has
* 34 Narrators
* 10 Songs
* 6 Angels
* 3 Shepherds, 3 Wise Men, divers Innkeepers, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel the Ninja Turtles, a Gravid Lass called Mary and the Culprit Joseph. I am Wise Man #1 and have 1 line (16 words). The baby is not credited.
portsmouth football club and england flagsI raced home for my first hot date and got changed into my gym kit for all girlies like a jock. Kate-Lynn and her older sister Emily arrived and within picoseconds it was pandemonium. I tried to play the High Panjandrum but they were having none of it.
hiding teddy in the dressing tableWe started with the tour of the garage and we all had a go at darts. Kate-Lynn was rubbish and all her darts bounced off and went on the floor but they both loved playing with my conkers.
Soon enough we went inside and I showed off my Beaver, Brian. They loved him and we spent an hour playing hide-the-Beaver throughout the house. We finished all on the same sofa watching Horrid Henry and even when I got changed in front of them and left the house to go to gymnastics, they stayed there and their mum (French) had to tell them off to get them off the sofa.

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