Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Assuming the Ostrich Position

man not doing promised jobs funny tshirtRather nippy this morning, about 2 degrees.
After school I walked home with Pops. Her mum wasn't sure so came anyway, but we eloped into our warm house. She liked my furry Beaver but not as much as Kate-Lynn, because it wasn't a dog. Instead we read a science book that I got from a charity shop.
Straight away we found a Brazilian which was better than a furry Beaver. He was wearing a thong that was quite ..... Brazilian, and shooting darts dipped in Amazon frog poison. We laughed at his butt, clearly visible in the jungle.
boy and girl reading with lego pilesThen we found the picture of the ostrich family and it looked like one had its head right up the bum of another. We giggled so much we had to take preventative toilet measures and made a den instead.
classroom tables joined together meon junior school miltonOnce we'd given her back, it was time for the parent's evening, second in a series due to illness last week. We had presents for the Art Teacher - 2 coffins (see "Cardboard, Joy of Box" link on right hand side of the page) containing oodles of arty marvels such as the rings and tubes and cardboard rectangles etc. I journeyed to the school in the boot of the car with the coffins, not as permanently psychologically damaging as it sounds.
There I found Ben and we played "Who's Teacher" and "Pen-eating Rabbits" and endless variations on Ping-Pong with coins, lumps of Blu-Tack and a polystyrene ball from the art box. The Teacher had quite a positive assessment for me.
As part of clearing up my Lego, I threw away all my plastic toy soldiers and their jeeps and lots of other rubbish like Moshi Monsters and McDongle Happy-Meal giveaway toys.

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