Monday, 4 November 2013

The Polar Express

engrish funny product name atomic enema pharmacy boxesA real, government mandated pyjama day. My year group is attending the 'Polar Express', a ticketed event which requires both pupils and teachers to dress in pyjamas for the day. Could be fun, as many of us have proved to be priapic, even at this age, and tiny tumescences may cause mirth.
Not the best walking-to-school weather, though, for pyjamas. I got a 100% attendance award certificate for turning up to school for the first half-term. Considering I got 100% for the entire 3 years of my last school, this is small beer.
We made Pompoms, mine didn't turn out very well. We made big paper cut-out snowflakes, mine didn't quite go to plan. We watched some of the Polar Express film.
The range of nightwear on show was quite ... colourful, but as I was last out of the building again, the picture of me with the teaching assistant in the background never happened as they got bored and went in again. All day, Year 6 were cycling round the playground doing engineering investigations into cogwheels and Year 4 were all Harry Potter.
big pile of lego bricksBen and I played Lego crackbangs before Beavers, all the models seem to be Lego Humanoid Figurines at strange angles on rotating propellers etc. We scooted through the park in pitch blackness. Suddenly we were under attack! Small bombs kept going off near our feet, we found it was Bud chasing us and throwing snappits, those little cordite'n'sand paper wraps.
boy throwing snappits in churchyardThis was new and fun. We were secret agents escaping from enemy territory under withering fire.
We both got a few to throw just before going into the church hall, where 5 Beavers were promoted to Cub Scouts in Ye Ancient Ceremony of Jumping over a Blue Strip of Plastic Sheeting (representing a river). We'll be doing that in the new year.
On the way home (after accidentally dropping and detonating some Snappits in the Scout hall) I was a bank robber escaping through inky darkness with the loot under a hail of police gunfire and cheers of encouragement from the teenagers on the swinging basket. Later I donated and wrapped presents for the school Xmas boxes while 2 men delivered us a mattress, only a week late.

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