Monday, 25 November 2013

Playing the Biscuit game

kill assailants by talking them into depression funnyPoppy turned 8 today, they're all leaving me behind. Ben gave me a Match Attax! card and we arranged to bring our swapsies in to school tomorrow, if I can hide them from Jof.
lego tower guitar laser gun I have far too long between school and Beavers so made a giant Lego guitar laser gun ship tower rocket, but eventually Ben broke the deadlock and we arranged our Match Attax cards all over the floor, lucky we write our names on the back so we know which is mine - oh dear.
beaver scouts icing biscuits with chocolate buttonsWe had to walk to Scouts because Ben forgot his scooter at Erin's house. We played dodge the laser beam, to the amusement of the ubiquitous and iniquitous teenagers.
At Scouts a blind person and her blind dogs gave us a riveting talk on how it is to be blind and rely on these clever trained dogs for all sorts of things. She was very good and didn't read from a script at all.
Then we made Biscuits. OK, the biscuits were already there, we put on icing and half a giant chocolate button. Ben at least broke his up a bit and made a smiley face, the rest of us just stuck it on, like some Confectioner's Yin and Yang. Then we ate the biscuits, seemed fair. The park was completely locked on our way home. By the time I get to big Scouts, it'll be locked on the way in!

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