Friday, 29 November 2013

Fayre to Middling

golfer hit in the balls funnyWell another great day, particularly since it was a Friday. We had to sit down and sing our Jesus Play songs for ages and every time someone stood up and said Miss can I go to the toilet/get a drink/go and play football now, we had to start right from the beginning of the 8 songs. I got hurting leg syndrome from all the lotus positioning.
At the end of the day I was second out of the classroom so we quickly got to the Fayre when you could still see the floor.
I played the turn-the-bottletop-over game and the throw-the-beanbag game and looked at the raffle prizes and the toy stall and the bookstall and then it got busy.
meon junior school christmas fayre milton portsmouthBensmum ran a throw-the-ring-over-the-prize game and I was average at it until a voice from behind me said "Drop it down onto the prize like a googly" and I did - aptly winning a bouncy ball. I bought some cakes but I must agree with ErinsDad that the Fayre was nothing like as good as those in Wimborne Infant school - even though there are way more kids in this one.
I bought cakes and pigged them on the way home. All the ones that Jof made had been sold, even though she is not a professional like JBsMum.
On the way to swimming we nearly hit a cyclist but he was indignantly still alive when we left him. In the boys changing rooms there were actually more girls than boys, including Alyssa from Gymnastics who said she wanted to marry me, and I hadn't even taken off my trunks by then.

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