Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Burgers for supper? Neigh, thanks

Distinctly nippy this morning, walked to school past all the drivers scraping frost off their windscreens. Our car has an orange snowflake icon on the dashboard to alert you if the outside temperatures are between 1° - 4°, in case you hadn't noticed on the way to the car. Today we discover that it also has a red snowflake if the air temp is 0° or less, in case you hadn't noticed the frost on the meat funny found in tesco lidl burgers england ireland
In other news, I assure you it is by complete coincidence that tonight's supper (to eat on the hoof) is Shergar-burgers with Flex-E-Bend cheese slice. Personally I suspect that horse meat is just as nutritious as beef, just a little unexpected in something called a beefburger. I mean, all the other processed reformed mechanically recovered meat products are self-explanatory.
Turkey Dinosaurs. Created by creationists with the finest meats from only the most extinct dinosaurs.
Vermicelli (little worms). Slimy Italians were not the first to appreciate the gritty taste of the humble earthworm.
Toad in the Hole. Adorable amphibian skewered in its own burrow. Just don't eat the hallucinogenic ones.
Hot Dog. A sit-down meal of this obedient Chinese delicacy will have you begging for more. Down, boy.
Chicken Nuggets. Strike the motherlode with these, mined in the Wild West, with grizzly bearnaise sauce.
Fish Fingers. These crunchy willy shapes will leave you turbot-charged. It's not as if fish need their fingers anyway.
Pigs in Blankets. Few can eat a whole pig and the blanket can get stuck in your teeth, but they're worth it.
Jerk Chicken. This adult-only urge-awakener is served with Coq au Vin at those saucy suburban parties.
Meat Balls. An acquired taste that'll drive you nuts: these manly morsels will put hairs on your chest.
Roll Mops. A dieter's dream: the string is filling and has zero calories, but the wood tends to make a hard stool.
Monkey Brains. These can improve your climbing ability, appreciation of bananas, and possibly your IQ.
vectis and the solent sunsetAfter a post-school sandwich we hastened to the seafront to catch the promised sunset. However first we had to collect a bag of shoes from Jof to save her carrying her own shopping home on the bus, and also to mourn the loss of the Lego Spaceship which was in the charity shop yesterday and Jof was going to reserve it but then someone else bought it.
While we were in there we spotted a couple of Lego Bionicles so we got one. All this is why we missed the actual sunset, which to be fair, was a scheduled event at a known time. We threw a few rocks and jumped in the iced-over puddles.
Jof ran as far as the front gate before the icy onslaught drove her back inside.

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