Monday, 13 June 2011

You don't need another hero

alcoholic bear in childrens' bookGoing to after-school club today because Bud is at the dentists and I really can't be bothered to sit through all that, with the drilling and the screaming and the not being allowed to bang on the fishtank.

For todays' show'n'tell I had planned to take a map of Paultons Park with all the rides marked off but Bud seems to have ditched it helpfully. So Jof and I made a pair of volcanoes with cotton wool smoke and that'll have to do.
After-school club has a real cash register and I particularly like selling things with it, only problem is there are hardly any coins. Bud made a huge bag of old 5/10/50 pence coins but Jof bought a packet of plastic coins and notes so I'll just hold on to the real coins until I go to the Junior school and can then get Brownie points for taking them in.
hula hoop and a privet hedgeThe wind and rain yesterday knocked over a lot of our plants. So we harvested the spinach and pre-steamed it for the freezer (smelled of heavenly ambrosia), it'll make me big and strong because we always make up complex extemporaneous fertiliser preparations like some kind of insane medieval Bio-Apothecary.
Then Pops arrived in a flash of purple and glitter and we scooted till supper. She has been given a second rabbit hutch for her one rabbit. Will she:
  1. Organise timeshare between the main hutch and the holiday hutch down the bottom of the garden
  2. Attempt to join the 2 together as a hutch with extension/ancillary accommodation
  3. Install hutch 2 as a mezzanine level

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