Sunday, 12 June 2011

For some, a fate worse than death (6,4)

ballpit of multicoloured ballsUp at 8. Jof told me to go back to bed so I tried again at 9.
hovercraft battling gale conditionsRain all day. Might go down Pirate Pete's later, I've been lego-ing with Jof for hours.
After lunch I went round to ask Pops if she wanted to Pirate with me but she was out. Bud rang loads of my friends but they were all busy if they answered at all, so rejected and dejected, I went on my own.
The weather was horrible, with that horizontal rain that goes right in your ears and up your nose. The seafront is very exposed so it was difficult to fight against the wind especially if you only weigh as much as 2 sparrows.
Inside I only knew one person, one of the JoniBobs' schoolfriends but I joined in partisan games of attack the other team with ballpit balls etc and Bud and I spent half an hour seeking high and low for the fabled secret treasure map of Eleuthera but it has been officially lost forever.

up close and personal in the soft play areaOutside the numerous hovercraft struggled in the gales - they were having real trouble landing. I wondered why there seemed to be so many hovercraft - only later did I realise they were repatriating thousands of soaked Isle Of Wight Festival-goers, who had probably had quite enough rainwater without having to risk seasickness on the choppy Solent. Inside I struggled to maintain possession of Troll Bridge with a new temporary girlfriend with very bouncy pigtails, don't tell Pops.
Bud and Jof are being very unfair. They keep telling me I have to do what I'm told. But I can't hear what they're telling me because I'm jumping up and down hooting so what do they expect?

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