Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When you're strange

sofa-eating freakTime is like a river: trick is, get the job as the lock-keeper.
Absolutely lovely day today: I'm feeling much better after my chronological hiccup yesterday, a good nights' sleep was all I needed. So I leapt out of bed and went to find them, singing merrily. Jof harrumphed and said go back to bed for 2 hours you nutter: Bud put me back to bed but then went off for his shower anyway. If his getting-up time is 0530, why can't it be mine as well?
pink panther graffiti
Anyway, at teatime today I turn 5 and a half. I popped (was dragged) out just in time for a) snow and b) the afternoon broadcast of the quality daily dramatic intrigue "Neighbours" but failed to watch it. So it's measuring day again.....I have grown 2.5cm to 110.5cm! OK, so it's less than everyone else but it's good for me.
Popsmum dropped her off so she could have some peace and we both took our bikes down to swingpark for Bike Park Wednesday. Because he was preferentially looking after Pops I suddenly learnt to start on my own. This is 17 months after learning to ride without training wheels. On the way we stopped off at the rather excellent graffiti wall for some pictures.
graffiti artist monkBobert was at a friends' house but Erin and Johnny had their bikes, Ben arrived bikeless so over the period, borrowed all of them. We tried to have a race but nobody started at the same time: Pops didn't want to race and Erin didn't want to slow down.
Johnny didn't like the way we all kept going past him as he waited at his chosen start line, the helmetless Ben fell off Pops' bike (it suits him) and cut his leg and I was just happy to go round and round getting overtaken by Erin.
bike race in milton parkAt one point Bud hopped onto Erinsmums' bike and went round shooting us until he broke the bike by getting his foot stuck in the mudguard. He had to run home and get his bike tools to remove it but Erinsmum said it was ok because they broke our clothes rack by putting too many shirts on it.
marble cake preparationWe knew nothing about this because we'd met some schoolfriends and were climbing a bush.
Then some quality time climbing, swinging and eating until hometime.
I helped Jof make a marble cake for the school fayre cake stall: I got to use the electric whisk so whisked vigorously. Jof ended up with splattered choc right across her chest.

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